Giorgio Rocca | Painter
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It is the parts that make the whole thing work
those parts reproduced painstakingly, rendered with such accuracy thatthey transcend reality:
more real than real, hyper-real.
“In the collective mind, the sea represents the infinite, the unattainable, the incomprehensible: it defies containment and understanding. The sail represents freedom, wind-powered motion, natural energy.
The painter Giorgio Rocca’s eyes look at the blue expanse and the unfurled sails from an unusual perspective: they magnify to be able to see, they zoom in to immerge in the deep.
Thus the sea is reduced to a fragment, almost a cut-out. It takes on a completely different nature to that which, as epos and myth have sung about since the dawn of time, challenges us to daring deeds and to adventure.


The sail, foreshortened, is folded over, at rest, despite the command “Carguez la toile!”.